Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inky Linky Love 05.28.2011

So I'm just going to pretend that this post isn't awfully, horribly late by backdating this post. Ooh, magic! Now it looks like I posted this last week when I should have. Except I'm telling you the truth and ruining it because I don't want you to question your sanity in case you stopped by before and didn't see the post (why yes, I am the epitome of kindness and selflessness).

Anyway, I've been busy and distracted lately, which accounts for my recent MIA-ness. Oops. But I'm glad I don't feel overly guilty for taking a break. Back when I first started blogging I would beat myself up if I didn't post every weekday. I still feel a slight twinge of uneasiness for not posting as regularly as I'd like, but I figure it's better not to guilt-trip myself over it. I'm still working on the game plan post — the outline is there, but I wanted to flesh it out a bit more before posting it (soon, hopefully).

I half considered just skipping the linky post for last week but I read some awesome posts that I want to share and don't want to overwhelm you by combining two weeks' worth in the next post. (I have a hard enough time narrowing them down as it is — I read hundreds of blogs and of course they're all amazing!) So here are a few of my favorite blog posts from last week (or thereabouts):

  • I was so excited to discover that Patricia C. Wrede blogs! Dealing with Dragons and Searching for Dragons are among my favorite books ever. I absolutely adore Cimorene and Mendanbar — they're so awesome! Her blog is wonderful as well; here's a great post on nurturing story ideas

  • Kristen Lamb uses Pixar film Finding Nemo as a case study for story structure. I love children's movies too, and she presents her points about action and conflict by using concrete examples. Very helpful, and I'll be sure to keep the lessons in mind during outlining and drafting.


  • Charlotte Jane Ivory at Steam&Ink wrote a hilarious post about notes she makes to herself while reading her manuscript. I seriously cannot wait to make snarky comments about my own writing. That will be motivation to finish!

  • Natalie Whipple is incredible. Between Fact and Fiction is one of the first writing blogs I subscribed to (I think it might be the first), but though I've been reading it regularly for a few years, I didn't start commenting until recently (what can I say, I'm shy!). I appreciate how open she is about her journey as a writer. One thing that always impresses me is how she can come up with one awesome idea after another and draft them so quickly. I love her post about her writing process now; it's interesting to see how it changed over the years.
  • Vanessa di Gregorio at Let the Words Flow totally failed to make me think she's not cool. I can so relate to her struggles to write instead of procrastinating and am glad I'm not alone. 
  • Anna Staniszewski gives 9 tips for finishing a novel, and wow, those are great tips. Since this blog is all about getting myself to finish a novel for once, I'll be doing my best to take those tips to heart.


  • Mark Nichol at Daily Writing Tips compiled a list of 50+ animal adjectives. I don't know if you'd want to write in your WIP that your hero possesses an acciptrine fierceness or that your villain cries eusuchian tears, but imagine how fun it would be to wow your friends with your superior vocabulary the next time you describe a passerine appetite or complain about someone's testudine pace! (Or maybe I'm the only one who thinks it'd be fun? :P)

If you have any tips on how not to fall behind in blogging, please share!


  1. aww this is great - i can't believe you read all these blogs! just looking at all the links is a little overwhelming. i just read a book by patricia c. wrede the other day but i was careful to cover the book cover when people came by because i was a little embarrassed about reading a book called 'talking to dragons'... hahah. it's cool that there are so many good blogs! can't wait to read them... when i have the time... 

  2. haha don't worry about it. you don't have to read all (or any) of them,
    really. just take a look at ones that interest you. lol i can't believe you
    covered the book! wow...

  3. Great list of blogs. I added a few to my list of blogs I'll be reading regularly.  Thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad you like them, and thanks for commenting!

  5. Oooh!  Great links.  I'm clicking over now.  As for blogging, one thing that helps me is to keep an idea file.  If a blogging idea pops in my head, I write a few notes and store them in the folder.  When I need a topic?  Bam!

  6. Thanks, Julie! I do in fact have a list of topics. It's all planned out -- I
    just have a hard time making myself sit down and write the actual posts.
    Come to think of it, I think that's why I never managed to write a novel...

  7. Fantastic FictionJune 7, 2011 at 8:16 PM

    I left you an award over at my blog:

  8. Wow, thank you so much! I'm flattered you thought of me, especially as I've
    been doing a poor job of updating lately... thanks for the encouragement and
    I'll make sure to up my game :)

  9. Hi, I just found you through another blog and I'm glad.  It looks like we follow some of the same blogs and now I'm finding even more great ones here, so thanks :)

  10. Yay! I love finding awesome new blogs, too :D