Thursday, May 5, 2011

A New Beginning

Hello there! Welcome to my new blog. This is the strictly-writing-related spin-off of my personal blog, A Glimpse of Wistfulness. (Name trivia: I named this blog after my Twitter handle, which I chose because "aglimpseofwistfulness" was over the character count. You can see how I named my personal blog in the first post there.)

I've decided that, as much as I love blogging about whatever comes to mind, it's important to blog with a focus if I want my writing to reach more than just family and friends. And as I'd like to become more serious about writing, starting a writing blog sounds like a great way to keep myself accountable, chronicle my journey, document lessons learned, and (hopefully) connect with other writers.

Since I'm essentially a newbie at both writing and blogging, I still have a lot of room for growth. I'm not entirely sure about how this blog will turn out, but I'm determined to make the most of it and learn as much as I can in the process.

Can't wait to see how this blog will evolve! :)


  1. blech, more wistfulness??
    j/k =)

  2. hahahah i know i know it kind of bothers me too but whatever, it makes more
    sense to stick with one name...