Saturday, July 9, 2011

Inky Linky Love 07.09.2011

Three weeks is way too long to go without posting one of these! There are so many great blog posts, but since I don't want this to be too overwhelming, I narrowed it down to a more manageable number of links. Hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did!

  • So if you've been following these linky posts, you may have noticed that I am drawn to posts about villains/antagonists. Janice Hardy wrote one using the newest X-men movie as an example. Even more amazing? I actually watched that movie! That's pretty amazing, since the last time I watched a movie in theater was New Year's Day, when I watched Tangled with my sister.
  • Judith Tarr is Book View Cafe's resident horse expert, and she wrote a post on the fine art of horse arranging. It provides a fascinating look into how social groups change depending on the members. Awesome implications for complex relationships between your (human) characters, as well!
  • Jason Black at Plot to Punctuation wrote a super cool post on four ways to generate conflict between your characters — using Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series! Great stuff.


  • Chuck Wendig keeps writing these amazing (though profanity-filled) 25-things posts. He makes a lot of great points in the list of things to know about writing a novel. Yeah, I suck at the momentum one. It's kind of depressing to be stuck at #2.
  • Tawna Fenske is not only hilarious but thoughtful as well. I can very much relate to her post on not being a machine —  I've wished so many times that I could program myself to do what I want me to do!

  • If you need any evidence that Tawna's posts are comedic gold, check out her post on her housemates' plan to use her dog as a chick magnet.
  • And while this isn't from a writing blog, this post on picking your battles is too hilarious not to share. Three reasons you have to read this post: GIANT. METAL. CHICKEN!

Oh, and HUGE congrats to Natalie Whipple for selling her books! I've raved about her before in a previous link roundup post and I am so, so thrilled for her. She is an inspiration. Go read her story on the process and offer your congratulations!

Have a great weekend!


  1. OMG WHOOT TANGLED! I loved that movie too. Don't we have good taste? :D And dude, the last time I watched a movie was Tangled on Boxing Day. (Day after Christmas for you Americans.) I LOVE HORSES. And dude, more Chuck Wendig? XD


    i usually suck at keeping up with movies... i only watched x-men because my
    friends wanted to, haha.

    yeah horses are so cool! it's interesting to hear about their different
    personalities and temperaments :)

    and i only linked to ONE of his posts this time! :P

  3. Natalie is the bomb dot com and I can't wait to read her books!

    Also, I love the way you break your links down by category. Very helpful and easy to navigate!

  4. Can't agree more! Natalie is super awesome :)

    Glad you like the format! I like organization (when I'm not too lazy :P).

  5. Thanks for sharing such great links! :)